Evolon is a unique microfilament fabric that combines excellent textile and mechanical properties. Similar to the ordinary microfibre fabric it is soft, lightweight and easy to arrange while being extremely durable at the same time. Due to its dense structure Evolon is a great protection with excellent filtering properties.

Evolon is the registered trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG, Germany.

Main features of Evolon.

Liquid absorption - thanks to a large surface area of its microfilaments, Evolon absorb the amount of liquid equivalent to 400% of its own mass.

Fast-drying - again, due to a large surface area, the fabric dries very fast when ventilated.

Breathability - Evolon belongs to the group of so called “breathable” materials, i.e. it lets water pass through. It is possible thanks to the microfilaments making up millions of pores allowing the air to flow through. The same microfilaments ensure excellent removal of moisture as they take up liquids and let them dry out quickly.

Mite-proof - Evolon is an excellent protection against allergens produced by mites. Evolon’s filtration capability is a result of its dense, compact structure made up of tightly entangled microfilaments. Regardless of their very small size, the allergen particles can not permeate Evolon. The dense structure has an additional advantage as it can not be penetrated by hair which makes it easy to clean up.

Windproof - yet another advantage of Evolon’s dense, compact structure that makes up an excellent protection from wind and UV rays.

Environment friendly - Evolon is a durable material that can be used over an extended period of time. It is manufactured without any binder or solvent. It does not cause any allergy.