Magnetic Field Therapy by Torpol®


Magnetic Field Therapy by Torpol® products have been created on the basis of the latest scientific achievement in the field of magnetic therapy. . They are protected by EU patents. Our products have been especially conceived for horses employed in sport or recreation, recovering from accidents or injuries or retired animals.

When selecting magnets, we considered both the type and the location, with particular attention paid to areas most prone to injury. The magnetic activators (NMA and NMB) employed in Torpol® products have been specially created for the benefit of horses.

NMA – spiral magnets have been magnetised with a constant circular magnetic field with fluctuating polarity. They are protected by EU patent number 0793158BIOflex®PLUS. This technology allows for a safe transfer of the magnetic field directly into the cells.

Apart from NMA we also use high-strength Neodymium Biostimulator Magnets (NMB), otherwise known as permanent magnets, one of the rare earth group. These are the most recently (1983) discovered magnetic material created on the basis of neodymium and Nd2Fe14 iron. They possess the highest magnetism in relation to size.

All NMA BIOflex®PLUS and NMB are permanent magnets. Once magnetised, they only lose their magnetism when subjected to an extremely strong antimagnetic field or in temperatures over 80°C.

All Torpol magnetic products can be used for a length of time, both in physiotherapy and preventatively. Especially recommended for prompt recovery from injuries to the musculosceletal system, and for healthy horses to prevent injuries and improve achievement.


During research on horses treated with Magnetic Field Therapy by Torpol® products the following was ascertained:

- improvement in elasticity

- improvement of stamina during intensive training sessions

- no significant deterioration in condition after training and/ or competition

- elimination of back pain syndrome

- rebuilding of back muscles

- increase in vitality and a significant improvement of the musculoskeletal system


For how long can the constant magnetic field therapy be used?

It should be remembered that the body absorbs only as much magnetic energy as is needed to restore its energy balance. Magnetic Field Therapy by Torpol® can be safely used both in physiotherapy and preventatively and it is impossible to overdose. Following a short period of adjustment, it can be used for up to 10 hours a day.


Magnetic therapy should not be used for pregnant animals, those being treated for open wounds, keloid or cancer. Products containing magnets should not be used in places frequented by pregnant women, people with pacemakers or electro-insulin devices, or near magnetic storage devices.

Any queries or doubts about magnetic therapy should be discussed with a vet.